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The Services We Proudly Provide

Turnkey services

Trust us to take care of everything for you!  As a home buyer it can be frustrating and confusing to understand the process of what is involved with setting up your new home and all the extra costs involved.  Let our experienced professionals at Western Canadian Modular Home Sales search for reputable contractors, organize your set up, budget your costs for your financing giving you a peace of mind in your busy lifestyle.

From new acreage set ups that require septic systems, water wells, pilings and site prep, to your final utility hook-ups, skirting, decks, garages, we take care of anything you need.  At Western Canadian Modular Home Sales we employ only reputable and experienced local contractors who follow our commitment to customer service.

We also offer a free one (1) year homeowner insurance, for more information talk to your sales professional.

Post-delivery & Setup

At Western Canadian Modular Home Sales we are proud of our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.  Our SRI/Shelter Homes are built to the highest standards of quality workmanship and specifications with ongoing quality control and inspections.  All homes are built to applicable building codes and are inspected prior to leaving the factory.

When your home is delivered and all utilities are operational, we complete a comprehensive walkthrough with you reviewing the homeowner’s manual, home maintenance and complete an occupancy report listing any deficiencies.  We then schedule our dealer certified contractor for your final set up and post delivery inspection.

Warranty Service

We at Western Canadian Modular Home Sales take a different approach to the after-market service traditionally offered by most dealers.  Instead of waiting a week or two to have a factory warranty crew or service crew show up which can be frustrating!  We hire experienced journeymen or equivalent contractors to complete any deficiencies that do not require parts from the occupancy report while they are completing your final set up and post delivery inspection.  The majority of any “repairs” can be completed at this time, giving you the ability to move in sooner.

For all other warranty work requiring parts, a warranty form and material requisition are completed and sent off to the warranty manager at the manufacturer for approval.  Once approved and parts are received we will schedule accordingly on home location and schedules of our contractors.


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